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MySQL to FileMaker Graphic

FmPro Migrator 9.48 - improves the reading of SQL Server tables.

Top 10 Features

black bulletQuickly transfers SQL Server and MySQL database tables and data into FileMaker Pro.
black bulletStraightforward 3 step process migrates tables and data locally, using FmPro Migrator.
black bulletUse open source, public and commercial schema and data in FileMaker Pro solutions.
black bulletImport WordPress schema and data into FileMaker Pro.
black bulletImport Microsoft Dynamics SQL Server tables in FileMaker Pro projects.
black bulletEdit data in FileMaker Pro and update SQL databases via 3rd party mirroring products.
black bulletPerform online/offline data editing using FileMaker Pro for desktop and mobile apps - sync when connected.
black bulletSkip IT scheduling bottlenecks by moving SQL database apps into FileMaker Pro solutions.
black bulletSave money and reduce errors without manual data entry of large data sets.
black bulletFull UTF-8 data compatibility from source to destination database transfers.

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FmPro to Servoy Migration screenshot


The MySQL and SQL Server to FileMaker Pro conversion features included in FmPro Migrator enable fast and easy schema importing from popular SQL database servers. This feature prevents manual data entry errors and ensures full UTF-8 data transfer compatibility. Data and schema from public, open source and private data sources can serve as the starting point for building or enhancing FileMaker Pro solutions. It is also possible to build desktop or mobile FileMaker solutions having data sync capability back to the original SQL database server.

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The features and benefits of using the SQL to FmPro Feature include:

black bulletReuse existing schema and data - Existing open source and public data sources can serve as the starting point for new fully customized FileMaker solutions. Once the schema and data has been imported into FileMaker, the solution can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of your new application.

black bulletSave money by moving applications from more expensive SQL database applications and online services into your own private applications running in FileMaker Pro.

black bulletImprove and customize the workflow of larger applications which the IT department might not have time to work into their development schedule. Features, bug fixes and enhancements can often be implemented in FileMaker Pro in a fraction of the time and resources required for a typical SQL database application.

black bulletImport a locally editable copy of data from popular open source projects like WordPress into FileMaker Pro. A local database copy provides offline access to the data even when you aren't connected to the internet.

black bulletProvide online/offline sync of mobile and desktop apps with SQL database servers using the FmPro Migrator Batch Transfer Utility or other data mirroring products. FmPro Migrator Batch Transfer Utility provides an economical automated data transfer utility from FileMaker Pro to your SQL database of choice.

black bulletStep #1 - Get Info

Step #1 - Get Info from MySQL

Step #1 of the migration process is to enter the source database connection parameters, then click the Step #1 button. FmPro Migrator will display a progress dialog while reading the metadata from the source database (MySQL is shown here).

black bulletStep #2 - Create Tables

Step #2 - Create Tables in FileMaker Pro

Once the table info has been imported into FmPro Migrator, click the Copy All Tables to Clipboard button. The table creation XML code will be put onto the clipboard, ready to be pasted into FileMaker Pro.

black bulletStep #3 - Transfer Data

Step #3 - Transfer Data

Clicking the Step #3 button transfers the data from the SQL database into FileMaker Pro.

UTF-8 Compatibility

MySQL UTF8 Characters Shown in Navicat. FileMaker UTF8 Characters


MySQL UTF-8 Characters FileMaker UTF-8 Characters  
FmPro Migrator connects to each database using UTF-8 in order to insure that all characters are transferred accurately between databases. Alternate data transfer methods might not retain all character formatting.

black bulletQuickly Transfers SQL Database Tables and Data

Imported tables in FileMaker Pro

FmPro Migrator makes a connection to each database to quickly transfer data into FileMaker Pro tables.

black bulletUtilize FileMaker Pro Development Features

FileMaker Edit Relationship Dialog

Quickly create relationships, calculated fields, layouts and scripts in FileMaker Pro to implement any desired workflow features within your solution. Relationships can easily be created manually within the FileMaker Pro database based upon the imported schema.


Demo Mode

The free trial version of FmPro Migrator processed 5 fields and an unlimited number of records.

Using the demo mode at no charge, enables FileMaker Pro developers to become familiar with the conversion process and see the tables and data imported into the FileMaker database.



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