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FmPro Migration Service - Title

New - FileMaker Repeating Fields Migration Feature

The FmPro Migration Service provides a fixed-price migration of FileMaker Pro databases to a wide variety of destination databases. Database migration target databases include MySQL, Oracle, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, SQLite, Valentina and FileMaker Pro 20. The FmPro Migration Service utilizes FmPro Migrator Developer Edition to provide an automated, high-quality migration process for JPEG images, large text fields and numeric data.

For more info please send email or call.

Need to upgrade FileMaker Pro 2,3,4,5,6 to FileMaker Pro 20? Please see the info about the FmPro Upgrade Service.

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FmPro Migration Service - Features and Benefits Title Graphic

The features and benefits of using the FmPro Migration Service include:

black bulletFixed Price Service - You know up front what the cost will be to migrate your FileMaker Pro database. Pricing for the migration of each FileMaker Pro database. This price includes schema design for the destination database, data extraction/import, export and delivery to the customer. Output file formats are based upon the appropriate standardized format commonly used for each destination database (as shown in the table below).

black bulletRepeating Fields Extraction - Many FileMaker databases include non-relational data elements called repeating fields. These fields store multiple values within each field and are associated with the main database record by the FileMaker database software. Manually extracting these repeating fields into a relational database structure can be a time consuming and error-prone process. Manually re-keying these records is not practical for many databases due to the number of records which need to be transferred. The FmPro Migration Service can be enhanced with this repeating fields extraction feature in order to extract FileMaker repeating fields into a separate database table in which the records are related to the main table by the primary key. Each iteration of a FileMaker repeating field is inserted as a new record within the repeating fields table. This add-on to the standard FmPro Migration Service costs $150 per FileMaker database file/table.

black bulletExperience - .com Solutions Inc. is a FileMaker Business Alliance member with over 20 years of FileMaker Pro development experience. This experience spans FileMaker revisions 1.0 thru 20, Oracle 8.0.5 thru 11g, SQL Server, MySQL 5.7, MariaDB 11 and DB2 8.1, PostgreSQL 9, and SQLite 3.

black bulletAutomated Procedures Improve Accuracy - Manual database migration procedures can take days or even weeks and introduce errors in database structure and records. FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is used to automate time consuming and complex database migration tasks. Furthermore, there is no manual re-keying of data required during any phase of the migration process.

black bulletImproved Scalability - FileMaker Pro is optimized for workgroup applications with generally fewer than 999 simultaneous users. Migrating FileMaker Pro data to MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase or DB2 leverages existing investments in these highly scalable databases capable of handling thousands of simultaneous users.

black bulletFileMaker ESS - FileMaker Pro 9+versions include the External SQL Sources feature which enables the use of external SQL data sources within FileMaker solutions. Even though the data is stored within an external SQL data source, can be made available for queries, reporting and data entry within FileMaker layouts. E xisting FileMaker ScriptMaker scripts, layouts and calculations can operate on migrated data residing within SQL data sources.

black bulletMulti-Platform Experience - .com Solutions Inc. has extensive experience with database servers hosted on MacOS X, Windows, Solaris and Linux. The FmPro Migration Service provides a very economical alternative to purchasing and supporting additional computer hardware.

black bulletMulti-Database Experience - .com Solutions Inc. has years of experience working with different database servers hosted on multiple platforms. Customers benefit from extensive training and real-world experience which may not be available from their in-house IT department. Not having to hire additional employees or high-priced consultants on an hourly basis can also quickly add up to big savings for IT budgets.

Customers with special data confidentiality needs may request alternate migration procedures in order to avoid sending their proprietary data off-site. These options include a scripts-only service, or customer use of the specialized version of FmPro Migrator software which is utilized by this service. Please send email or call for details.

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FmPro Migration Service - Support Matrix Graphic

The following table summarizes the databases and output formats which are supported by the FmPro Migration Service:

FmPro Migration Service Supported Databases
Database                           Output Format         
Oracle 8.1.7, 9.2.0, 10g, 11g, 12c Export file (*.DMP)
MySQL 5.7 raw data files or export file
Access 97, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016 *.mdb data file
SQL Server database backup file (.bak)
Sybase Sybase 12.5 bcp Export
DB2 8.1 PC/IXF Export
PostgreSQL 16 pg_dump file
SQLite 3 binary data file

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Working with David Simpson from .com Solutions Inc. on a high-profile FileMaker migration project in Europe has been an absolute pleasure. David has been very professional, swift and precise in his analysis of how to solve any critical problems encountered and equally important he is very pleasant to work with. He has without hesitation made himself available at odd hours due to the time difference and to accommodate strict project deadlines. I would highly recommend him and his suite of tools for any FileMaker migration.

Martin Gorm Pedersen, CEO
RequirementOne Inc.


If you have a complex FileMaker to MySQL conversion, don't even consider attempting it without the assistance of .com Solutions. Their tools (the FMPro Migrator) and knowledge of the systems literally saved us hundreds of many hours and thousands of dollars, we could not have had a successful migration without their help! Thank you .com Solutions!

Mike Kazmier, CEO
Sofast Communications














































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