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Converted .NET Assets Project.zip (9Mb)

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 11.15 - Includes changes throughout the C# converted code to improve compatibility with Visual Studio 2022.

The AI Accelerated version of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 11.15 - Enhances the Code Conversion Workbench feature with the addition of support for Google Gemini-1.5-pro, Gemini-1.5-flash and OpenAI gpt-4o models - with improved code conversion quality, performance and lower cost.

Note: This feature is not currently compatible with the new FileMaker 12 file format for converting layouts.

Visual FoxPro, FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access to C# Conversion with the Code Conversion Workbench

Many projects require the conversion of VFP code to C#, as shown in the screenshot below. Other conversions are also available including the conversion of FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access VBA code into C# and 50 other languages. The VFP Code Conversion Workbench enables developers to manage the automated conversion of hundreds of PRG files and form code within an entire VFP project in a single window. Individual procedure/functions can be selected by name for single-click submission to the selected AI provider and machine learning model. Output files are saved automatically as the results are received into a folder of converted scripts. Completed scripts can be further processed by GitHub Copilot X and Visual Studio IntelliCode to complete the integration into the new project. The VFP Code Conversion Workbench supports conversions into the top 50 most popular programming languages as found in the TIOBE index. Machine learning prompts are generated automatically, but the prompt text and source code fields are fully editable. Part of the secret sauce of this tool includes the system prompts and setup parameters which are built into the workbench software.


Code Conversion Workbench - VFP to C# Conversion


Top 10 Features - Code Conversion Workbench

black bulletConverts VFP PRG/Form code, FM Scripts and VBA code to 50+ programming languages.
black bulletUp to 500,000 daily AI tokens included.
black bulletEfficient workflow manages importing, processing, naming and saving of all scripts.
black bulletTo-Do list checklist shows project status at a glance.
black bulletFinely tuned system messages and properties are built in and sent automatically.
black bulletProcedure/Function splitting sends manageable sized chunks of code for processing.
black bulletFlexible GUI provides full control of AI model, source text, prompt text and output filename.
black bulletBenefit from continuous ongoing improvements of the machine learning models.
black bulletIncluded with the AI Accelerated version of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition.
black bulletDynamically tracks available tokens based upon selected generative AI model.

Top 10 Features - FmPro Migrator

black bulletInstantly generate a full featured .NET database application having insert, update and delete functionality.
black bulletCreate fully customizable, networkable standalone applications, saving thousands of dollars for client licensing.
black bulletAutomated conversion of FileMaker Pro Layouts, Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro Forms/Reports to .NET XAML files.
black bulletDatabase scripts are converted into commented C# and Visual Basic code.
black bulletUtilize converted relationships and .NET DataGrid objects for sophisticated database functionality.
black bulletBuilds both C# and Visual Basic projects for Visual Studio 2010 simultaneously.
black bulletUse existing FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access or Visual FoxPro projects as your .NET project software spec.
black bulletProcess your files locally, using FmPro Migrator Developer Edition.
black bulletConverts Tab Controls into .NET tab panels including embedded objects and background color.
black bulletSaves weeks of development effort writing a full featured .NET database application.

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The .NET Conversion Service built into in FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition migrates or converts FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro projects into Visual Studio 2010 .NET 4 database front-end applications. This feature quickly and efficiently converts layouts/forms, scripts, relationships, and value lists into .NET database applications for Windows desktop apps and web browser Silverlight apps. The .NET Conversion feature leverages the automated layout and relationship importing features of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition, along with FileMaker Pro Advanced, Microsoft Access or Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio 2010.

.Net Migration Screenshot

.NET Conversion Service Pricing

The .NET Conversion License key is included with FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition.

hline image

The features and benefits of using the .NET Conversion Service include:

black bulletSave Time, Get Up and Running Quickly - It can be a tedious and time consuming process to manually re-create each FileMaker or Access form object using any other development environment. Rather than spending days or even weeks of valuable time manually converting hundreds of layouts, .NET developers can utilize the .NET Conversion Service as an economical alternative. FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition typically processes each layout in less than 1 second - much faster than you could perform the task manually!

The ability to efficiently perform .NET migrations makes it possible to quickly show prototypes to prospective customers. An automated migration process represents the ultimate in rapid application development, which can't be matched by any other development environment. Being able to show customers a rapid prototype may make the difference in getting approval for a new client project.

black bulletUse Existing Database Files as Your .NET Project Software Spec - With a typical .NET development project, it may be necessary to spend weeks or even months of work writing a detailed software spec prior to starting the development effort. FmPro Migrator makes it possible to use your existing FileMaker Pro or Microsoft Access database as your software spec, reducing your development costs and timeframe.

black bulletScript Conversion - Each FileMaker Pro script captured by FmPro Migrator, is converted into commented C# and Visual Basic code and written into the App.xaml.cs/Application.xaml.vb project files. These scripts are intended to be used as a template for the writing of new C#/VB code which will be used to replace the original FileMaker Pro script functionality by the .NET developer.

black bulletA Learning Tool - It could take weeks of work reading thousands of pages of documentation to learn how to develop a full featured .NET database application by yourself. Or, you could let FmPro Migrator do all of this work for you within a few seconds. FmPro Migrator builds a functional database application directly from your original database file.

.NET Database Framework

.Net Entity Framework Diagram

All of the database management code generated by FmPro Migrator is implemented by using the ADO.NET object-relational Entity Framework. The ADO.NET Entity Framework provides an abstraction layer between C#/VB .NET code and the SQL database. This feature defines entity classes from the SQL database schema which shields the application code from changes in the underlying SQL database.

Application Menus & Record Navigation ToolBar

.Net Application Menus and Toolbar

Application menus and a record navigation toolbar are added to the WPF XAML code created for each window. The globally defined ToolBarUserControl.xaml and MenuUserControl.xaml files enable efficient editing of toolbars and menus for every window of the project. This code can also be easily removed from any Window XAML file where it is not needed.

The navigation toolbar includes Previous Record, Next Record buttons, record navigation slider, and a total records label. A comboBox menu lists all of the windows in the application for navigation between windows. Selecting another window in the list (as shown by the selection of maintenance_recordWindow above), opens the window as a new window.

Portal, SubForm and Grid to .NET DataGrid Conversion

Portal and SubForm to .Net DataGrid Conversion

FileMaker Portals, Microsoft Access SubForms and Visual FoxPro Grids are converted into .NET DataGrid objects. The alternate row color info from the original Portal is also configured within the DataGrid. Related records are gathered based upon a conversion of the original database relationships in order to automatically fill the DataGrid with related records.


Tab Control to WPF Tab Tab Items Conversion

Tab  Control 1

Tab Control 2

Tab Control 3

FmPro Migrator converts each individual tab of a Tab Control into a TabItem object within a a TabControl object. Each object within the particular Tab is created within its respective TabItem.

The color of each Tab Panel is used to set the background color of the new TabItem. Unlike FileMaker Pro, WPF TabItems only display the background color at the top of the TabItem label - when the TabItem is not selected. Therefore the TabItems will look a little different from the original Tab Panel object.

black bulletRelationship Conversion

.Net Entity Relationship CS Code

.Net Model Assets Project

During the processing of each Window object, info is gathered regarding the relationship used to access the data for the object. This info is written into the xaml.cs/xaml.vb code behind files associated with each window.

FmPro Migrator writes relationships into the destination SQL database, which is then used by Visual Studio to generate ADO.NET Entity Framework mapping. The generated application objects shield the application from changes within the underlying database schema.

black bulletImage Field Support

.Net Image Field

.Net DataGrid Image Field

Microsoft Access OLE Object and FileMaker Container fields are converted into BLOB columns within SQL database tables. Images from BLOB columns are displayed within a WPF image object.

Image objects are also used within DataGrid objects, and automatically display data within the related database table records. Resizing the width of the DataGrid column automatically resizes the image object proportionally for proper display of the image data.

black bulletCheckBox & Radio Button Groups

.Net Checkbox and Radio Button Objects

Radio buttons and checkboxes are created as individual objects, having text labels extracted from the custom value list associated with the original field.

Since the original objects used a text field to store one or more data values, the same functionality is implemented in the .NET code behind files. Radio buttons write a single text value into the database for the selected radio button.

Checkboxes write multiple values into the database separated by return characters in order to simulate the original database functionality.

Checkboxes consisting of a single value list value equal to a numeric "1" will be created with the label drawn as a space (meaning it will be an invisible label) - as is shown with the checkbox for the Obsolete? field at the left. When selected, this checkbox will write the numeric value "1" into the database or an empty value if it is unchecked in order to simulate the original database functionality.


black bulletCustom Value Lists

.Net ComboBox Value List

Custom Value Lists are read from the source database project and are used to populate the WPF ComboBox, checkbox or radio buttons wherever the value list is utilized. Within FileMaker databases, Custom Value lists are stored in a centralized location within the database file. ComboBox values are implemented the same way within the generated .NET application, by placing the values within the AppResources.xml file. Therefore making a change to the list of custom values in one location within the project automatically makes the same change to all ComboBox objects which use the same value list throughout the .NET application.


black bulletLayout Images and Vector Graphic Objects

.Net Images and Vector Graphic Objects

Rectangle, rounded rectangle, and oval graphics objects are converted into their equivalent WPF vector graphic objects and placed onto the new window in the same location. Embedded images like the drag & drop icon, New, Delete and Find icons are de-duped and referenced as image objects within the Images folder within the Visual Studio 2010 project.

FmPro Migrator builds objects by using a specific Zindex value to minimize the overlapping of objects. For instance in this screenshot, the yellow rectangle was created with a Zindex of 1, the TextBox and text labels were created to sit over top of the rectangle by having Zindex values of 7 and 4 respectively. This technique is used because there isn't any method available to determine the z-order stacking of the objects created on a FileMaker layout or a Microsoft Access database form. It is likely that some manual changes will generally be necessary to fine tune the Zindex values of objects on the card.

black bulletDate Fields

.Net Date Picker Field

Date fields configured with a date picker in the original database, will be configure in the same manner within the converted .NET project.

black bulletVisual Studio Project Files

.Net Visual Studio Project Files

FmPro Migrator generates two complete sets of Visual Studio 2010 project files. These files include a complete C# project along with a complete Visual Basic project. A typical conversion project will often contain hundreds of files, all generated automatically and within a matter of seconds in most cases.

.NET developers need only select which project file to open (.csproj or .vbproj) and then create an ADO.NET Entity Framework database connection within Visual Studio. If it is necessary to re-generate the project files again, the existing database connection information will be retained and only the WPF form XAML and code behind files will be regenerated.

black bulletWindow Scrollbars

.Net Window Scrollbars

The XAML code generated for each window of the .NET application automatically hides or shows vertical or horizontal scrollbars based upon whether the window content is fully visible.

Layout Objects Supported

Field with Value List Menu
Field with Checkbox
Field displayed as Radio Button Set
Field with Calendar Picker
Button (including non-button objects configured as buttons)
Button (with embedded merge field object)
Portal (including portal objects)
Rounded Rectangle
Embedded Layout Image Graphics
Tab Controls (and enclosed non-Tab Control Objects)

Demo Mode

Due to the complexity associated with any database migration project, it is recommended that a small test project be completed prior to starting the full conversion project. By default, FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition processes .NET migration projects in demo mode without a license key. In Demo mode, FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition will process 5 layouts and 5 scripts.

Using the demo mode at no charge, enables .NET developers to become familiar with the conversion process and see the completed XAML, C# and Visual Basic code within a complete Visual Studio 2010 project.

Processing Steps & Requirements

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition - FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition is used for capturing the structure info from the FileMaker Pro database file and generating the Visual Studio project files. FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition utilizes the DDR XML file generated by FileMaker Pro Advanced, along with AppleScript(Mac OSX) or a compiled WinAutomation (Windows) job file [provided at no cost] in order to automate the capturing of Tables/Fields, Layouts, Relationships and Scripts. This import process follows the Table Consolidation Process steps, documented in the PDF file on the support page. Once the info has been captured by FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition, click the .NET Conversion Service button on the GUI tab. Complete instructions for the DB to .NET Conversion Service are included a detailed PDF file. In demo mode, FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition will convert 5 layouts and 5 scripts into a Visual Studio project. The .NET Conversion Service license is included with FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition, for the specified number of layouts/forms/reports.

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition also imports Microsoft Access database table, relationships, forms/reports for migration into Visual Studio .NET projects. The .NET Conversion Service license key also unlocks the Access to FmPro Migration Service which is the first step in the .NET migration process.

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition may also be used by the .NET developer to perform the conversion of the Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro database tables and data into one of the supported SQL database servers.

FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.5+ - FileMaker Pro Advanced is used for creating a DDR XML export file providing the structure of the FileMaker Pro database file. This file is used for importing the relationships and layout display order info associated with the layouts.

AppleScript(macOS)/WinAutomation(Windows) - FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition utilizes one of these two utilities to drive the FileMaker Pro user interface to automate the capturing of layouts from via the clipboard from FileMaker Pro.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Unsupported Layout Objects and Other Features

Feature Status
Merge Fields Under Consideration
WebViewer Under Consideration
Delete Found Set or Delete All Records Under Consideration
Chart Object Under Consideration
Embedded Page#, Date, Record# Layout objects Under Consideration
Field Validation Under Consideration
Field Auto-Enter Values Under Consideration
Global Fields, Summary, Calc Fields Under Consideration
Layout Object TAB Order NOFIX - Info not available in DDR XML
Layout Part Objects NOFIX - Info not available in DDR XML

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