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How to create an ODBC DSN for FileMaker 6

Note #1: This technical note is written for Windows, because there is no FileMaker 6 ODBC driver compatible with the Cocoa (UNIX) APIs of MacOS X.

Note #2: When installing the FileMaker 5 ODBC driver or FileMaker 6 ODBC driver on a 64-bit version of Windows, you need to open the 32bit ODBC administrator in order to create or update the ODBC DSN. The FileMaker ODBC driver will not appear in the list of drivers within the default 64bit ODBC administrator app, because it is not a 64bit ODBC driver. If you run an application as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit operating system, you must create the ODBC data source by using the ODBC Administrator tool in %windir%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe. To indicate the type of DSN, you can add "_32" to the 32-bit user DSNs and "_64" to the 64-bit user DSNs.

Open the Windows Data Sources (ODBC) Control Panel to create a new FileMaker 6 System DSN to match the ODBC DSN name entered into FmPro Migrator for the source database. The Data Sources (ODBC) control panel is located within the Administrative Tools folder of the Windows Control Panel.
Note: With Windows XP, it may be necessary to select the Classic View for the Control Panel in order to see the Administrative Tools folder.

Figure 4 - Control Panel  
Figure 4 - Data Sources Control Panel  

[Figure 4 - Data Sources (ODBC) Control Panel]

This ODBC DSN should be created as a System DSN, so click on the System DSN tab, then click the Add button.
Select the FileMaker Pro driver, then click the Finish button.
Note: If FileMaker 7 is being used as the source database then the DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.4 driver would be selected.

Figure 5 - Click Add Button  
Figure 5  - Select FileMaker Pro  

[Figure 5 - Create New FileMaker Datasource]

Enter the name of the ODBC DSN in the first field. This name should exactly match the name entered into the Source Database ODBC DSN field within FmPro Migrator. It is not necessary to enter the Remote Connection information unless the actual FileMaker database file is being accessed from another computer. Click the Advanced tab of the FileMakerPro ODBC Driver Setup panel.

Figure 6 - Enter FileMaker ODBC DSN Name
[Figure 6 - Enter FileMaker ODBC DSN Name]

On the Advanced tab, change the Max Text Length from 255 to 65000. FileMaker 6 databases can store up to 64K of text within a text field, so this change in the ODBC Driver Setup panel insures that data is not truncated as it is read from the FileMaker database.

The Fetch Chunk Size determines how many records will be retrieved from the FileMaker database at a time. When reading records from the FileMaker database you will generally notice that 100 records are retrieved, then there will be a pause while the next 100 records are read from the database. This process will continue until all of the records have been read. The default Fetch Chunk Size is 100, and this value should generally not be increased. Increasing the ODBC Fetch Chunk Size can cause FileMaker to crash while serving database files. In fact this parameter may need to be reduced to as few as 10 records if there are more than 500 fields within the FileMaker database file.
Click the Ok button.

Figure 7 - FileMaker ODBC DSN Advanced Parameters

[Figure 7 - FileMaker ODBC DSN Advanced Parameters]

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