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Perl Code



This example_update_display_record1 Perl CGI script displays one entire database record in an HTML table as shown below.
All JPEG or GIF images stored within columns of the record are displayed in-line with the rest of the data from the record.
Each MySQL column containing an image includes a menu which enables the user to Keep, Replace or Remove the image data.
Non-image binary data types are also supported (but not displayed in the web page), these other data types include the same Keep, Replace, Remove feature.

Display As note - Web form displayed field names are customized using the Display As field on each Fields screen.
Item to Enter  
Category of Item  
Picture  Example Image - Repgen banner ad

Serial Number  
Date Purchased  
Update Button
Image Display Note - JPEG and GIF images stored within the database are displayed inline with the record data.
Image Update Note - The Keep, Remove and  Replace menu options are used to update binary data stored within the database.



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